Deas Island Bike Camping

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Deas Island Bike Camping

Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 4:00pm

Meet At:

Trout Lake Park
Notes: South end of the park
By: NathanDo you like bikes? Do you like camping? Well then...let's do this!

I've booked the Muskrat Meadows group campsite in Deas Island Park. The campsite is in a big ass secluded meadow and is the only camping on the island so there's no one to bother with too much noise. Firewood is provided and the site has drinking water. It should end up costing about $5/person to camp.

Meet at Trout Lake Park
~30 km each way (about 2-3 hours by bike).
I am planning to stop at this store ( to pick up ice to avoid carrying it the whole way there. Alcohol is technically not allowed in the park so use your own discretion.

Let me know if you have any questions about what to bring or about packing your camping gear on your bike.

Map of route to Deas Island:

Map of route back from Deas Island:

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6 thoughts on “Deas Island Bike Camping

  • Nathan

    I don’t remember seeing any power outlets when I checked out the campsite and nothing on the website mentions power.

  • Eve Post author

    What is the difficulty of ride? Hope it won’t be too noisy at night as I would like to be able to sleep after 11 or midnite.

  • Nathan

    The bridges are kinda steep so you’ll want to be a fairly confident rider but we’ll travel at a slow enough pace for everyone.
    Most of the people I know who are going on the trip are younger and without kids. I don’t know everyone who’s going so I can’t say how quiet people will be. There likely will be some music once we get there.