DBB Tallbike Jousting Tournament

Family Friendly

CANCELED: DBB Tallbike Jousting Tournament

This event will be re-scheduled later this summer, too many of our club members are out of town this weekend to make it happen. check our blog or FB page for more details
Was: Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 2:00pm. Registration starts at 2, tournament begins when enough entrants are present

Meet At:

Strathcona Park
Notes: Near the oval track
By: DB SHUDead Baby Bikes Vancouver presents an open-to-all Tallbike Jousting Tournament. We will provide lances and have tallbikes on hand, bring your own tallbike if you have one. Challenge your friends or joust for the trophy, there can be only one champion!
The Tourney is great fun to watch, even if you're not brave (or foolhardy) enough to joust.
Small registration fee will be charged for jousters.
*This event is inherently dangerous, participate at your own risk and bring your own safety gear.

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