Superheroes & Villains Ride

Family Friendly

Superheroes & Villains Ride

Sunday, June 25, 2017, 12:00pm - 3:00pm. Meet at Noon, ride at 1pm

Meet At:

Trout Lake Community Center, Playground.
By: VelopaloozaPSA: Please note the change of start location to Trout Lake Community Center. Move was necessary to accommodate the Dragon Boat Festival at False Creek.

Calling all Superheroes, Villains, and not!

Save the world. Rule the world. Just you... and your bike. And your friends. This is themed ride where you are encouraged to don a cape -- or dress as a superhero or villain. Not required, but always more fun!

Velopalooza will have a number of (bike-appropriate, half-length) capes to hand out at the beginning the ride, so come early to get your cape! We'll ride around the city on easy terrain, then wind-up at the Velopalooza Picnic and BBQ at Crab Park.

Route will be custom crafted to provide breaks at premium jungle gyms and other climbable objects for you to practice your bat-rope-ascents, your telescopic vision, flight skills, and cat-like landings.

A sound bike will be in attendance to provide a sound track for your epic adventures in the name of Justice or Evil... Or you know, just bike ridin' and stuffs.

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