East Van Bike Polo presents Soft Serve Sundays

East Van Bike Polo presents Soft Serve Sundays

Sunday, June 15, 2014 at 1:00pm

Meet At:

Grandview Park
Notes: Southwest corner of the park
By: JeffJoin East Van Bike Polo for some beginner-friendly, non-contact, casual pick-up games at the bike polo court in Grandview Park. Sunday starting at 1:00pm.

What is bike polo? If you have never watched this game, check out this intro video that our friends in Seattle made recently: http://vimeo.com/95351272
(You can expect gameplay to be slower-paced during this event.)

Anyone who is fairly comfortable riding a bike with one hand is welcome to have a go. All are welcome to spectate. Stop by for a game or two, or stick around until sunset if you like.

EVBP will provide mallets, nets, balls, a loaner polo bike or two, and a bit of mechanical advice/expertise if needed.

You should bring:

-A solid bike, if possible (Upright handlebars are best. Do not play polo on your bike if you’re worried about keeping the paint job pristine, or if the brakes aren’t working reliably.)

-A helmet and proper footwear (no sandals or flip flops). Gloves are nice too.

-A good attitude.

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