Tweed Race

Tweed Race

Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 4:00pm. Meet at 4. Race shortly after 4:30ish.

Meet At:

Strathcona Park
Notes: Gazebo

Contact Info:

By: Sir Arlin ffrench the 1stA casual afternoon of old tyme bike racing.

Tweed wear mandatory to race.  Think 1892.
Gentlemen require jackets,  Ladies require skirts or bloomers.
Wool socks.
No jeans or spandex.

Helmets preferable, but fancy hats are acceptable.

Bicycles are to be of one gear, with bars coming in a backwards fashion from the stem.

Entry is 5 dollars and a bootlegged beverage.
10 dollars in coins will be needed during the ride.
(All purchases will be of the utmost nourishing or memorable value.)

Prizes for race, prizes for costumes.

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