“Stanley Park For All – Not Just Cars” Ride

"Stanley Park For All - Not Just Cars" Ride

Sunday, April 21 at 1:00pm
Repeats: Every Sunday

Meet At:

Rear Parking Lot of the Vancouver Parks Board Office
By: Stanley Park LoverPlease come out to join us on Sundays in Stanley Park - kids, grandparents, cargo bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-assist bikes and one-wheel e-bikes -  all are welcome!  It's a fun, friendly ride for everyone!  Put a sign on your bike, decorate your bike and wear colourful, fun clothing to spell out we want to keep the bike lane and we want safety and access for everyone not driving in a car in this city - go for it!   Our motto for the ride is "STANLEY PARK FOR ALL - NOT JUST CARS".
We take the car lane as in past rides.  The bike lane in its current form is slated to be GONE by the end of May.  As such, we ride the car lane since it won't matter anyway!  However we do ride as slowly as the slowest rider and stop periodically to let slower riders catch up - and allow cars to get by.  We have our Stanley Park for All banners, and also hand out flyers to the drivers to let them know why we are out riding enmasse in the park.

If you enjoyed the Stanley Park bike lane these past 3 years and would like to see this lane remain, please come out to show your support and enjoy it this Sunday afternoon with a bunch of like-minded cyclists and proponents of alternative transportation and better public transit in the park.  

Please come out for this Stanley Park ride - show the Vancouver Parks Board they made the WRONG decision in voting to dismantle the wonderful Stanley Park bike lane - a much needed, long overdue addition to Stanley Park!

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