Scavenger Hunt Ride!

Scavenger Hunt Ride!

Friday, August 9, 2013 at 4:30pm. Meet at 4:30, leave at 5. Be at Robson Park for 7:30!

Meet At:

Outside Bike Kitchen, UBC
Notes: Meet outside by the flagpole!
By: AMS Bike Co-opFree Super Photo Scavenger Hunt from UBC to Mount Pleasant!  

-Food to share afterwards
-A photo-taking device

-a FREE small Measuring Tape!
-5 dollar voucher for scavenging!

at 7:30pm: Ride ends at Robson Park (Kingsway and 14th) and Snack time begins! :D And Prizes will be prized out to the prized prize winners who photo scavenge the craziest awesomest stuff! No pressure :D!

Participants will form teams so bring all your friends!

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