Leisure – Hail to the Honey Donuts

Leisure – Hail to the Honey Donuts

Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 9:00am. Arrive early we leave Olympic Village at 9:00am PST sharp!

Meet At:

Olympic Village Square

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Y Chartrand
By: Y. ChartrandLeave your indoor trainer behind. Put on your finest lycra and join fellow mamils in a leisurely yet refreshing ride exploring the bike paths and bike lanes (ahem… and small repetitious hills!) of North Vancouver. As we leave we ride through downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park. Once we cross the Lion’s Gate bridge we’ll ride along North Vancouver Spirit Trail. Then we follow Dollarton highway head to Deep Cove for some refreshments before we tackle the Mount Seymour Parkway’ short but epic climb followed by a very, very, long descent.

On the way home, we’ll cross into Vancouver via the Iron Workers Memorial bridge. Then ride Trout Lake before heading back to Olympic Village Square.

This event is hosted by the Vancouver Bicycle Club.   Non-members are welcome to come on a few rides before joining. Bicycle helmets are mandatory on all VBC hosted bicycle rides. Riders should also be self sufficient (e.g. have tools, supplies and know how do roadside bicycle maintenance). Non-members are required to sign a liability waiver prior to the start of the ride.

For more information visit: http://vbc.bc.ca/2019/05/2019-06-29

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