Recumbent ride to Steveston and back on pavement

Recumbent ride to Steveston and back on pavement

Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 10:00am. I will wait for skytrain riders to arrive but it would be nice to leave by 10: 06 am

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Science world
Notes: Meet at the gazebo.

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By: Bruce W McLaughlinThis is a ride to get all  recumbent people out for a ride to Steveston for lunch / coffee and return . There are a couple places where lwb's may have difficulty negotiating a corner or two,  THIS IS A "NO DROP" RIDE, we will wait for you however you should have an idea of what you are capable of in distance and speed. Bring a lunch or buy it there as we will have a 1 hour lunch stop, before proceeding north through the subdivisions . This ride is open to recumbent and normal  bikes as we are friendly folk. Speed is 15-20 kmh , time is approximate at 5.5 hours and distance is about 61 km's.  Helmets are mandatory . You should be properly equipped for a ride with spare tubes and tools required for emergency repairs.  This is a free ride except for the lunch that you will be buying or taking along.  If you are a family riding with us please be aware of distance and speed when making the choice to attend. This ride will be on pavement .
 When setting the date for this ride I did not know about the Dragon boat festival so it will be a bit crowded there at the Gazebo. Please remember this is not a critical mass ride and we do stop at Amber lights and Red ones. If some are stuck on the other side of the road we will slow down so they can catch up. I intend to take the Ontario bike route to Kent ave and right to the Canada line bridge, just in case someone shows up late and wants to catch up.

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