Our Community Bikes AGM

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Our Community Bikes AGM

Monday, July 25, 2022, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
By: Our Community BikesIt's our Annual General Meeting and we'd love it if you'd show up to support us and vote on our incoming directors, hear some updates, and give virtual high fives. Afterwards we will meet up in Jonathan Rogers Park to hang out and have snacks - just look for the Our Community Bikes tent.

5:30pm - 7pm Monday, July 25 2022, on Google Meets.
7:30pm - Meet up in Jonathan Rogers Park
Email Sophia to RSVP and receive the meeting link! ssuderman[at]ourcommunitybikes.org.

Pedal Society and Pedal Foundation AGM Agenda
1.   Call to Order
2.   Coast Salish Acknowledgement
3.   Reading of the Mission Statement
4.   Adoption of Rules of Order
5.   Adoption of Agenda
6.   Adoption of 2021 AGM Minutes
7.   Terms of Membership
8.   Annual Report
9.   Financial Report
10. Election of Directors

Who can vote? A Pedal member who has been a member for at least 30 days and is in good standing and is present at a meeting of members is entitled to one vote.

Members are:

   Monthly donors; or
   Volunteers of 20 hrs over the last year; or
   Current PEDAL staff; or
   Those who have paid their $40 annual membership fee.

Not a member yet? It's easy. You can purchase your $40 membership at the Our Community Bike shop (at 429 Main Street). This gets you a one-time free $5 to $15 of used parts, a 15% discount on new parts, a vote at our AGM, and the sweet satisfaction of knowing you are helping out your community bike shop!

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