Mending Ride With Makemobile

Family Friendly

Mending Ride With Makemobile

Friday, July 1, 2022 at 6:00pm. Meet at 6, ride at 6:30

Meet At:

Science World - where the Gazebo once was.....
Notes: meet at the circle where the Gazebo once was.....
By: Amy Biker WalkerWe'll enjoy a leisurely ride, visit 2 or 3 sweet sitting spots where we can pull out our handwork (mending, darning, knitting, crochet, needle felting etc.) and have a make-out / hang-out.
This is an era of care and repair - let's make it a social occasion and reinforce our relationships as well as our pants!

Bring items that need mending / patching  / darning!
I'll supply fabric for patching and hand-sewing supplies for people who do not have a project already on the go. We can offer each other advice and instruction - please bring your own items that need fixing!
Makemobile is  Amy Biker Walker's mobile arts and crafts studio.

- blanket to sit on (we may want to sit on a beach...)
- handwork projects
- snacks and beverages (to share is encouraged)

We'll follow the decision of the group if we want to ride more or sit more.

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