Lucha Libre V Mask Ride

Lucha Libre V Mask Ride

Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 5:00pm
By: Lucha LibreMeet up at El Crab Parko for VanCity's 5th year of masked Mexi-Canadian "bikeling" debauchery! Musica, food trucks, freebies, and one of the best things that you can put between your legs.....your sick and twisted kids! No fun city??? Not if we have anything to do with it! Get your dancing wrestling boots on!

If you require any "bikeling" related paraphernalia, socks, cups, trinkets, etc. See Kristina @ LaLa's in Deep Cove or her new store on Commercial!

PazzaRella Pizza Truck!!! CASH ONLY
Shiori and Barbara are joining us again! Italian Sausage sandwiches this year, yummy! No pizza as it is homemade and takes too much time for our big group. Visit their food truck in VanCity! REMINDER: There is no ATM around this stop


We are all responsible for our own safety, if you feel that you are unable to maintain this for yourself and others, please do not attend. We desire only fun for all. If you choose to wear a mask while riding please ensure that you have the visibility necessary to operate your bicycle safely for yourself and around others. If you choose to wear a cape, ensure that it is short enough so that it does not get caught up by your spinning rear wheel! Please adhere to the usual road rules when "bikeling" and have LIGHTS, LIGHTS, LIGHTS! And be aware that is the law to "bikle" with a helmet. Let's put smiles on the faces of those that see us and are not part of this celebration. This is what it is about. Love our VanCity and respect it! Please, please clean up after yourself, we do not have resources to do so. Mucho gracias!

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