Hollywood North Bike Ride

Hollywood North Bike Ride

Friday, June 23, 2017, 5:30pm - 8:30pm. Leave at 5:45 sharp

Meet At:

Library Square
Notes: Meet in front of “The Words Don’t Fit the Picture" art piece
By: MikeSee scenes from your favorite movies and TV shows while enjoying a casual urban bike ride in and around downtown Vancouver!

Vancouver is known for its spectacular setting, livability, urban planning, and green transportation.  However, in the world of cinema, Vancouver has long been a stand-in for cities around the world: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Mumbai. Even future cities, cities on planets in far off galaxies and the paranormal have been portrayed in Vancouver.  Major film productions have turned the city into one of the largest film production centres in North America earning it the nickname Hollywood North.

On this ride you will see recognizable scenes from TV shows and films such as X-Files, Smallville, Deadpool, Mission Impossible and many others.  All of this while enjoying a pleasant bike ride and having a casual chat about Vancouver’s network of protected bike lanes.

Bring some snacks and a wallet if you want to join for an après ride meal and beverage

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