Gender Liberation Night at the Bike Kitchen

Gender Liberation Night at the Bike Kitchen

Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 6:15pm - 9:00pm
Repeats: Second Wednesday of every month

Meet At:

The Bike Kitchen
Notes: New Location: Room 36, UBC Life Building
By: Bike KitchenGender Liberation Night is a monthly Access Night for cis-women and trans and/or non-binary people of all genders to use the UBC Bike Kitchen’s shop space and tools, supported by informal mentoring. The purpose of the night is to offer a more welcoming, safer atmosphere in which people who are typically marginalized within the cycling community because of their gender identity and/or expression can work on their bikes, learn mechanics, and form connections. A staff mechanic and volunteer aligned with the night’s target demographic will be available to empower participants in performing their own repairs.

Gender Liberation Night will take place on the second Wednesday of every month. Tool rental rate will be 0/hr rather than the usual 12 dollars/hr ?

There will be 4 repair stands open with one participant assigned to each stand, and we can accommodate 4 other folks in the space to be pumping up tires/oiling chains or browsing new/used parts. This will allow for social distancing and a reasonable staff-to-participant ratio. Participants will be asked to limit repair stand time to approximately 60 minutes so as to share the space with other visitors. Repair stands will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals waiting for a turn will be asked to wait in the hallway to minimize shop crowding.

COVID-19 safety protocols
* Staff are required to wear N95/KN95 or elastomeric respirators w/o exhalation valves w/ N95 or P100 filters.
* Participants are required to wear N95/KN95 or elastomeric respirators w/o exhalation valves w/ N95 or P100 filters. If they did not bring one, a mask will be provided at no cost for Access Night participants
* A volunteer will perform a temperature check and have all visitors sign off on the COVID screening questionnaire and Code of Conduct.
* Three air purifiers will be running during all open hours.
* Gender Liberation Night is subject to cancellation pending government lockdown to limit spread of COVID-19.

?? Accessibility Information
Access Nights will be sensory-friendly. Shop lights will be dimmed and music will be kept at a low volume or turned off completely. Participants are also welcome to make requests for other specific accommodations in the space and staff will do their best to meet them.

The closest accessible entrance to the Bike Kitchen for users of mobility aids is on the north side of the UBC Student Life building, across from the North Parkade. Signs will be posted on Access Nights to direct visitors to the shop space. Full details on accessibility can be found on our website under the “Contact” section.

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