DBB Tooniecat Race

DBB Tooniecat Race

Tallbike Jousting following race
Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 4:00pm. 4pm registration, 4:30 race start

Meet At:

Strathcona Park
Notes: at the oval track

Contact Info:

DeadBabyBikes.org for club info
By: ShuDead Baby Bikes presents ToonieCat, a courier-style alleycat race. Bring your bike, bag, and lock, one toonie and one tall can for registration. Be ready for an hour of cross-town non-stop hi-speed competition with no fixed course and few (if any) rules. Meet at Strathcona Park, 4PM. Prizes and refreshments @ the finish. For more details email shu[at]trackbike.com.