CycleHack Vancouver

CycleHack Vancouver

Sunday, June 21, 2015 at 10:00am
Repeats: June 19 - 21

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By: CycleHack VancouverCycleHackVan is the Vancouver component of the 2015 CycleHack Event - a 48 hour event that is tooling up citizens around the world to reduce the barriers to cycling.

CycleHack Vancouver will run from Friday evening (19th June) through to Sunday afternoon (21st June). Participants will discover all the things that stop people from getting on a bike, work in teams to prototype new ideas and get out into the city to test them. We’re taking a grassroots approach to innovation and tooling up citizens to take a pro-active, DIY approach to making cycling more accessible, safer and fun for all road users. The event will end with presentations of all the hacks that have been prototyped over the weekend!

Who: Whether your a designer, a developer, a maker, an artist, an urban planner, or a road user of ANY sort - this event is for you! We're interesting in the perspective of all those that move around in our city and use our streets!

The team behind CycleHack wanted to find a mechanism to bring people together to positively address issues in cycling and inspire action above and beyond conversations about infrastructure.

"We believe that through empowering individuals, organisations and governments to collaborate, share skills and prototype new ideas around cycling, we can build a healthier and more active world." CycleHack Team

What started as a simple idea over coffee, and was launch as a three location event in June 2014, has now grown to become a truly global movement with a network of CycleHackers all around the world. Find out more about the movement on the Global CycleHack website.

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