Boardwalk Bicycle & Vegan Pop Up Picnic

Boardwalk Bicycle & Vegan Pop Up Picnic

Sunday, June 24, 2012, 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Meet At:

Notes: Farthest end of the Boardwalk!
By: Melissa BalfourThe Westminster Pier Park in New Westminster is opening up mid June so it's time we celebrate! I propose we meet at the end of the boardwalk near 1009 Rialto Court (Quayside Drive) and cycle the length of the boardwalk into Westminster Pier Park!

Bring a vegan dish, plate, and fork and we can all share a picnic in the park. If you need some ideas for vegan recipes let me know and I'll email you some links.

Please register on the links below and leave a comment with what dish you would like to bring so we don't all bring potato salad. Not that that would be a bad thing ; )



If you don't have a bike I can arrange a bike rental for you from Fraser River Bike Rentals!

Cycling + Vegan Food = Fun!

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