The Second Vancouver Béret-Baguette ride, l’age d’or du vélo a la francaise

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The Second Vancouver Béret-Baguette ride, l'age d'or du vélo a la francaise

Sunday, June 17, 2012, 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Meet At:

McSpadden park
Notes: The ride will finish with a picnic in Stanley Park, expect to ride ~7-10 km before the picnic

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By: GwendalSunday June 23rd 2013
This is a slow ride, that celebrates the golden age of cycling in the Gallic style.
Dressing up in your best french outfit is 'de rigueur' think: congés 1936 (summer vacation in 1936).  Or Jour de Fête (Jaque Tati 1949)
Think bleu marine, stripped shirts, béret, baguettes, short shorts, suspenders, Tintin

Please check out the original Paris ride for inspiration:
The flickr pool:
The 2012 video:
and the 2013 video:

Be prepared for a picnic with suitable french supplies.
Nothing complicated.
Saucisson, paté, fromage, baguette, croissant, pain au chocolat
une bouteille et une belle nappe pour le picnic.

A pre-ride provisioning tour will take place on Saturday June 22nd for those interested in joining me. Map of locations:

for good baguettes and croissants try (not an endorsement, just a resource):
Plaisir Sucre 2668 Arbutus St.
Faubourg, Paris, 2156 W41st Ave
Tomas Haas, 2539 West Broadway Ave
Baguette & Co. 3273 W Broadway
Trafiq Cafe & Bakery at 4216 Main St
Terra Breads, many locations
Baguette et L'echallotte, Granville Island
dirty little secret: Costco has good baguettes too

for saucisson and paté check out:
Oyama sausage co. on Granville Island
JN & Z Deli 1729 Commercial Dr.

Borrowed from ride-retro: que mettre dans votre musette?
"Dans un vaste carré d’herbe que ceinture une petite muraille, on étend des nappes à carreaux, on débouche quelques bières à la force du briquet, et l’on retire les chaussettes pour laisser vagabonder les doigts de pieds entre les brins d’herbe.
Votre musette vous garnirez, à votre convenance, d’une nappe de pique-nique, d’une baguette, de jambon, paté, cornichon, museau vinaigrette ou toutes autres légèretés recommandables, d’une gourde pleine (d’eau), de café, de thé, de vin ou pot belge susceptible de ne pas nous attirer d’ennuis"

Want to learn french, check out:
L'Alliance Française at 6161 Cambie Street
and the Festival d’été (June 14 to 24) at 1551 West 7th Avenue

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4 thoughts on “The Second Vancouver Béret-Baguette ride, l’age d’or du vélo a la francaise

  • Ric McDermott

    Great idea mate, you must get the obligatory onions round the neck. It’s a great look!!!
    I’m just recovering from a freaky episode of being knocked over by my own car while i was leaning into the passenger side and some speeding van driver drove into the front of it right outside our house. Quiet suburban road. All rather dramatic and painful, 2 broken ribs and cuts and bruises but could’ve been deadly!
    It happended 5 weeks ago and i’ve been in loads of pain with it. Broken ribs are a nightmare!! Can’t wait to get onto my bike again next week. Bought a nice Raleigh Urban 5 Hybrid which is a delight. Finally my old Raleigh I bought in Brisbane was retired after 12 years of excellent service. I’d pretty much replaced everything on it but the frame was starting to go a bit too rusty. Its still out the back and I havent had the heart to take it to the tip yet! I did some miles on that thing over the years!
    Hope you and the family are well. We are all good here.
    Keep in touch and let me know next time you are thinking of coming to Europe.

  • Ulrike Rodrigues

    Excellent Gwendal! Count me in, but what would the femmes of the day wear?!