5th Community Bike Fair

5th Community Bike Fair

Friday, June 22, 2012, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Meet At:

Second Street Community School

Contact Info:

By: T OzeroWith over 300 people in the crowd last year, the excitement again will be generated by all of the FREE activities offered:  obstacle course, challenge race, live band, bike and helmet safety checks, bike decorating station, RCMP riding their bikes, minor bike repairs, live band and much more.

Attendees will be encouraged to pick up cycling maps, safety brochures, bicycle stickers and tattoos at our information station and learn about various bicycle pathways in our community.

The biggest attraction will be the Trials Stars show performed by Jeff and Steve.  The crowd will “ooh and ahh” as both of them high jump, balance on beams and stop on a dime while on their bikes.  To see them in action – go to www.trialsstars.com.

Many prizes will be won that night as raffle draws are done throughout the 3 hours - ending with the final draw of a BRAND NEW NORCO BIKE!

This event is a FUN evening for everyone—why don’t you BIKE to our event and help us celebrate our 5th Community Bike Fair!

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