Pink Floyd: The Sea Wall

Pink Floyd: The Sea Wall

Friday, June 16, 2023 at 8:30pm

Meet At:

Granville Island Waterpark

Contact Info:

By: Rob ZomberOn November 30th 1979 Pink Floyd released an album called "The Wall". 44 years later, on June 16th, 2023 a group of elevated individuals will ride the Sea Wall during the entirety of the album, a glorious 1 hour and 21 minutes.
We will ride under the moon this night but all sorts of trippy lights are appreciated to keep everyone comfortably numb. Is there anybody out there who wants to come? I will bring the boys back home or we will all be waiting for the worms.
The Route:
The year we are going to meet at Creekside park, Science World. We meet at 8:30 pm and ride at 9 pm sharp! We'll follow False Creek to Stanley Park and ride the seawall to Third Beach, where both the album and the guided group ride will come to an end.
Remember this is an evening ride so please make sure you are prepared to get home safe in the dark. Stanley Park has very little light after sunset.
Pink Floyd the Sea Wall tips:
Remember that you are responsible for your own safety! Please be responsible when riding and when deciding what and how much you put into your body. We urge you to stay sober and safe
First off, if you bring it to the ride, take it back home with you! Please don’t leave trash on the ground and help each other to remember this. If you have beverages don’t bring it in a glass bottle please, use common sense. Leave all empty cans near garbage’s or in recycling and put the waste into the waste bins.
Watch out for other cyclists and pedestrians! When you are riding on bike paths please ensure you are being considerate and leaving a good impression. There is a good chance we will dominate the seawall so please understand that we will be inconveniencing people. Leave a good impression with a “Sorry!” and don’t be rude if a pedestrian is upset. Please be respectful. Good vibes only!
The Music:
Obviously, Pink Floyd the Seawall. The host will be hauling a PA speaker and everyone is welcome to bring additional audio devices.
Please make sure you are lit up! We want to make sure we can see each other and have other people see us! The more colourful the better!

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