June is the BIKE month <3

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June is the BIKE month <3

Friday, June 28, 2013 at 5:30pm. Meet at 5:30pm, Ride at 6pm

Meet At:

Vancouver Art Gallery
Notes: Meet at the Fountain
By: Saw-monster & Monkey WrenchHave you already taken your bike for a ride ?!

Didn't you know June is the bike month. You've got to ride your bicycle starting now till infinity !!!

Meet at us at the art gallery for an adventure of life time and let the city know we exist.

Ride starts a bit after 6 pm.

Update Update: The ride is going to have a stop at Kickstand at 8pm. There are more pedal-heads waiting for us there.

? Shortly after, we will all ride to a magical land full of surprises ?
? Bring warm blankets and snacks to share ?

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