Freeway Revolts or Revolting Freeways?

Monday, June 13 at 6:30pm. If we end up in Victoria we've gone too far.

Meet At:

Scott Road Sky Train Station - Kiss and Ride Side
Notes: on the Taxi / Elevator side
By: Bernadette KeenanA free ride trailblazing a hiking, biking route (off pavement where possible) West along the South Fraser Waterfront towards the Alex Fraser Bridge.  View freeway clear cut destruction and verdant forest ravines. Side trips could include Tannery Park, Gundersen Slough, McAdam Creek Salmon Stream, Protection Camp Site, Delta Nature Reserve, Glenrose First Nations Archeological site - time & interest permitting.  Choice of pubs Boomers at Planet Ice or across the bridge to Tugboat Annies (in Richmond).  Then on to 22nd Steet Skytrain Station.  Mountain bikes, locks & hiking boots maybe useful.

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