Guilty Pleasures DANCE PARTY (Crazy Canucks + Ladies Army 4 Fundraiser)

Adults Only (19+)Bring Money

Guilty Pleasures DANCE PARTY (Crazy Canucks + Ladies Army 4 Fundraiser)

Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 9:00pm

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The Interurban Gallery
Notes: Fundraiser party

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By: ShannonBIKES. BEER. DANCING. ROLLER SPRINTS & PRIZES!!!  Come join some of East Van Bike Polo's finest for a night of fun!  

Remember that mix tape you made back in high school?  That song you would blast whenever your parents left the house? The CD that never left your discman? What about the song that's currently labelled "Bon Iver- B sides" on your ipod, but is actually Rihanna?   Come dance the evening away to your favourite guilty pleasures from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.  

Proceeds are going to support East Van Bike Polo's The Crazy Canucks- the reigning world champions- and the ladies of EVBP.  Help get the Crazy Canucks to Geneva, Switzerland in August for the World Championships of bike polo to defend their title, and help the ladies pay for a trip to Lexington, Kentucky, for the 4th annual all-woman's bike polo tournament.  

Doors [at] 9. 5$ entry.  Roller sprints, DJs, guilty pleasures, and raffle draws to follow!

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