Thursday, June 8 at 7:00pm. Roll out at 7:20ish

Meet At:

Jonathan Rogers Park
Notes: Look for bikes at the old concrete pool!
By: Chill RidesThis ride is reserved only for folks who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour). We ask white allies to please respect this space and not show up to our BIPOC rides.

Join us for a chill ride to New Brighton Park!
- We will have a pre-ride chat about route and road safety. Also have a chance to get to know one another!
- Medium Spice: this route is 9km one way and there’s a couple hills that make this route a little more challenging.
We usually hangout at our destination for 30-60 minutes depending on weather. Please come and go as you please. If your unsure how to get back to a familiar location, please ask one of our ride leads
- This is a social ride which means everyone is responsible for themselves and their decisions. Chill Rides is not responsible for any injuries or damages. Please stay alert and ride with care
- Have a question? Direct message us or check out our FAQ post on our Facebook page.
No Drop (no one gets left behind) - All Skill Levels Welcome - All Bikes Welcome.

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