Back to the 80’s Ride

Adults Only (19+)

Back to the 80's Ride

Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 7:00pm. Meet by 7pm we ride by 8 pm sharp!

Meet At:

Sunset Beach
Notes: Meet in the parking lot

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By: Max SavageIts back to the 80's for round two of last years successful ride!! It is time to indulge in the most guilty of pleasures. Time to get out your stirrup pants and Wayfarers, Michael Jackson t's and Ghetto Blasters. Let the wind blow through your new wave hair as you take to your Schwinn on the ride of your life. Let a wave of Neon glow take over the city to the legendary beats of Rick Astley. Leave the comfort of your Rob Lowe postered home and get out and ride.Its going to be totally tubular and awesome. If you can't make it gag me with a spoon. Don't forget your peach schnapps and neon glow s